Use of individual
If it is a range used, it processes as liked and the image is excellent. 
(A distribution to the third party for a fee is strict prohibition.  
Neither a business purpose nor the profit-pursuing purpose use are permitted to the individual) 
However, I have, and use the copyright within the range in which not being regrettably in the copyright infringement, 
please (especially, character relation). 
Moreover, please refrain from use on the page that offends public order and morals. 
Please let me assume the prohibition about the re-distribution after it processes and it modifies it excluding the banner 
for the link. 
Enterprise and the other
It doesn't basically offer it free to a business purpose and the profit-pursuing purpose use such as publishing, 
collection to the horizontal publication and CD-ROM, etc. , and publishing in an advertisement outside the company 
and the handbill. 

As an usage example
1.When the homepage of the company is started up, it uses it for the purpose of the design improvement. 
2.It uses it for the educational campaign in in-house. (in-house poster and distribution thing, etc.)
3.I will limit publishing in in-house information magazine etc. to use in the office in-house to the end. Moreover, 
please refrain from the shape to offend public order and morals use. 
I will correspond for a fee to use it for a collection and others and a business purpose to homepage creation trader's one 
and material collection CD-ROM (shareware). 
All the data of publishing is done to this site free of charge. 
It is not possible to correspond enough even if there are a demand from the person who uses it etc.
Please continue your favors toward the degree in which it understands, and it cooperates about the respect. 
(Externals and the data that can be used for many people will be expanded as much as possible. )
When there is taking other material use, questions, and confirmations. 
Please contact me with mail. 
Please it is acknowledged delaying replying in the work-related matter etc.

The report is here E-MAIL

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