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Personal & Award History
Born in Osaka Japan
1997 Start working as an illustrator. Mainly draw fictitiousliving creatures in the fictitious world, with fantasy and Marchen (fairy tales) as my specialty. Recently, I have started drawing portraits and characters. I work with the aim of becoming an illustrator corresponding in broad fields.
(qualified patent administrator and have knowledge concerning copyrights and design rights.)

Award History
1997 KFS Art Contest Encouragement Prize
1998 KFS Art Contest Special Prize / KFS Comic Illustration
Grand Prix Winner
1999 KFS Art Contest Winner
KFS Comic Illustration Grand Prix
ART BOX Grand Prize Exhibition Winner
Gallery Picture Grand Prix Winner
Trick Art Competition Winner
2000 KFS Art Contest Winner
KFS Fantasy Illustration Grand Prix Encouragement Prize
2001 KFS Art Contest Winner
Berite Jewelry Design Competition Winner
Weekly Asahi "Portrait School" scholarship student
0thers: win illustration contests, and many other prizes.